Maximise the potential of your land with smart subdivision

Sometimes thinking outside the box can double your return on investment when it comes to property. At Smart Footprint Homes, we will work with you to determine what is feasible on your block and explore how to best optimise your land for maximum bang for your buck. Whether you want to build your own and an additional space for increased rental return, or if it’s purely investment, our years of experience and local knowledge will help you achieve maximum value in your property.

Make the most of your space by subdividing your block

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Small Lot subdivision can be broken down into a variety of categories and includes most types of small lot configuration but generally refers to dividing a current plot of land to include a new lot or multiple lots. Depending on the size of your block of land, subdivision can create two lots to a number of units from one parcel of property.

The most common types of property developments are:



If you have a large block zoned for duplex, you might want to consider retaining your current home and investing in a house-behind-a-house development, where a new home is built behind the existing property.


House behind house

This type of development is suitable for either battle axe blocks - with driveway access from the front, or for rear access blocks - where there is a suitable lane or right of way.

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Is a small home right for me?

Small homes have benefits for every stage of life, and they aren’t just financial. They create freedom, encourage conscious living and are increasingly meeting the needs of our changing lifestyles.

Smart Footprint Homes specialises in building small lot homes that meet the needs and budget of the first home buyer. Learn why building a small home is a great option to enter the market.


Did you know a smaller home could double the return of your block while still meeting the needs of the rental market? Learn why a small home is the ideal investment opportunity.


Downsizing provides financial freedom and lower maintenance requirements, without compromising on your lifestyle. Learn why a small lot home is a great option for downsizers...