Narrow Lot Designs

Narrow lot? No worries.

Smart Footprint Homes was developed to reduce the size of the standard Australian home through clever design and innovative use of space. For this reason, narrow blocks are perfectly suited to our designs. From single story to double story dwellings, we ensure that every square inch of living space can be utilised to improve the functionality of the home.

We are specialists at building on narrow blocks

Smart Footprint Homes offers a comprehensive range of options for small blocks that all have one thing in common: they are smart, stylish, practical and perfectly functional. In the creation of our narrow lot designs, we have carefully utilised every space within and outside of the home to ensure we create the ultimate living areas that feel anything but small.

Choosing the right design for you and your family is of utmost important to us, and there is a great deal of flexibility in what we offer. Whether you are looking for more living areas, bedrooms or kitchen requirements we are happy to take you through our extensive range in order to find the perfect narrow lot home. We also factor in the best alfresco and outdoor living spaces to extend your home beyond its walls.

Depending on the varying factors of your location and site requirements, we can guide you through what is needed in terms of deposits, council approvals and finance as well as the process for building with us. Talk to us today about your block and let us bring your dream home to life.

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Is a small home right for me?

Small homes have benefits for every stage of life, and they aren’t just financial. They create freedom, encourage conscious living and are increasingly meeting the needs of our changing lifestyles.

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