Dual Occupancy

Invest in your future with dual occupancy

Dual occupancy builds are increasing in popularity and are a really smart option for people wanting to downsize their existing home without having to leave their area, and those wanting to branch out into property investment.

So what is dual occupancy building defined as? Dual occupancy properties are basically two freestanding homes built on one block of land, halving land costs and potentially doubling rental return. It is a great way to create value, generate a passive income stream and address the housing affordability crisis all while maintaining a small environmental impact.

Due to the size of the average Australian block these two homes are often required to be smaller than the standard home. This is where Smart Footprint Homes expertise and skill makes all the difference and can take your dual occ property away from the boxy and generic unit feel that we know too well, to a unique, stylish and beautiful home for life.

Maximise your block with a dual occupancy build

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Dual occupancy builds meet a variety of buyer needs:

  • Investors wanting to maximise their return by building two homes on a subdivided block and selling or renting both.
  • First home buyers who combine with families or friends wanting to ease the financial burden of buying a house through purchasing one large block of land and subdividing it between them.
  • Owner-occupiers with the space to build an additional dwelling on their existing block to sell or rent as an investment property.

Our experienced team will take care of every step of the process, from demolition if required to council approvals, construction and handover of your new dual occupancy property. We have a wealth of knowledge about the investment property market as well, so contact us today and let us help you reach your goals and create your dream home.


Duplex – one behind the other

As the cost of land in the city increases more people are opting to cash in their yard for two low maintenance dwellings. This is known as a duplex dwelling and there are many different variations on this. The two main options are one behind the other or side by side.


Duplex – side by side

A traditional front and rear duplex development can make use of the battle axe or rear access block styles mentioned above, while building two new houses side by side allow both homes to have street frontage.

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Is a small home right for me?

Small homes have benefits for every stage of life, and they aren’t just financial. They create freedom, encourage conscious living and are increasingly meeting the needs of our changing lifestyles.

Smart Footprint Homes specialises in building small lot homes that meet the needs and budget of the first home buyer. Learn why building a small home is a great option to enter the market.


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Downsizing provides financial freedom and lower maintenance requirements, without compromising on your lifestyle. Learn why a small lot home is a great option for downsizers...